How to Pack Your Bag for a Convention

I love my experiences cosplaying at conventions. For those of you who don't know what that means: Cosplay = costume play; Conventions = anime conventions, comic cons, etc.

Conventions take place in HUGE venues. The tickets can be expensive, the travel can be expensive, the housing can be expensive and so can everything else involved. I spend months preparing my costumes, so when I finally get to the convention (which I LOVE!!!) I certainly don't want the whole thing to get ruined because I didn't bring the right stuff with me. And, I don't want YOUR convention experience to be ruined because YOU didn't know what to bring with you to the convention floor. So, I've made this tutorial for you.

What do you bring to conventions? Did I leave anything out?

Here's a picture of me as K8 heading out the door to go to Stan Lee's Comikaze
My bag is packed and I'm ready to go.

 Here's a picture of someone taking my picture at Anime Expo 2013. Can you see my bag over on the side. It was super easy to just set it down so my picture could be taken. And with this costume, I surely needed everything in my bag to keep it together for all three days of the convention.