Davina Leone music video "Up All Night"

Davina Leone music video "Up all night" is finally out. She was so nice and it was really cool to work on this... no, literally it was freezing, I can't believe she didn't freeze to death in the outfit she was wearing.

Meet Ramona Bluebonnet

Lucy and Zat get surprised by a new guest, Ramona Bluebonnet. She teaches them a few new tricks about fashion.

Is it Harley or Harvey?

This is Jimmy Stewart and Harvey.

This is Madison and Harley.

*Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time YouTube fame. No, he didn't smell like bacon. Yes, he is a BIG and scarey man. But I am told he is actually just a teddy bear. Hmmm. He looked like a rabbit to me.

Lucy and Zat talk Easter

Lucy has an unusual view of Easter.

Freddie W Rocks!!

Here I am with the fabulous Freddie Wong after a LONG day on set of Video Game High School Season 2. I've always thought that Freddie W was the best for making such funny special effects videos but the fact that he made behind the scenes and how-to special effects tutorial vids to teach the world how it was all done made him - ok, kind of a hero to the nerds of the world. So, I am super happy to have my smiling face next to his. Thanks Freddie. You are creating a great game for artists around the world. I am honored to know you.


I've got wicked Driving Skills

I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn the life saving driving skills taught at the Ford Driving Skills class. I got to make a very powerful Mustang skid at will (just like the stunt drivers) and I also learned how to save my own life should I ever find myself in an out-of-control car. Yep. Great day. Thanks Ford!