Video Game High School Awesomeness!!!

Jimmy Wong and Madi2theMax - great combo
The BEST hat in town!
I had sooooooooo much fun filming with the remarkable cast and crew of Video Game High School Season 2!! OK, I actually arrived an HOUR EARLY to set (hey, I was afraid I was going to get stuck in rush "hour" traffic, so I gave myself a lot of time. The moment I stepped onto the YouTube Production Studio Space, I was totally thrilled. I've been on a lot of sets and this one just vibrated with energy and happiness. It was unbelievably creative. I want to live there!!

I met so many great people, including Freddie Wong himself and his super funny and talented  brother, Jimmy Wong.

I'll keep you posted on more of my adventures with this hot, hot web series. Til then, here are some fun pictures.

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Lucy and Goth talk Twilight

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I'm going on Video Game High School

Eeeeeeeeek! I'm so excited. I'm going to be part of Season 2 of Video Game High School. I LOVE Freddie W and can't wait to play on set with all the fabulous people involved in this web series. If you don't know anything about VGHS, check out episode 1. You'll get hooked. Also, just in case you don't know, Freddie W has made the coolest, most helpful after effects tutorials. You can learn so much from Freddie. You can also go to Six Flags Great Adventure with him and ride the roller coasters.

I LOVE getting my picture taken.

In the studio with George DeLoache.

Anime Chick Freezes Pudding

Oh gosh! So much fun making this video. You gotta love the Anime Chick. Not sure what she will do next. Like her video on my YouTube Channel. Subscribe!

The ultimate Ramona headshot

The true essence of Ramona

I simply LOVE this photo of my character, Ramona Bluebonnet. George DeLoache Photography completely captured the real Ramona. As Ramona would say, "OMG! George you are FABULOUS!"