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by David Carus -
The world is now online and the way we experience entertainment has shifted. We’re no longer confined to a few channels on television, traveling to a theater to watch a movie or browsing through a bookstore to find the perfect story. Now, our entertainment comes instantly with a click and a whole new generation of writers, actors and filmmakers have access to the incredibly huge audience on platforms like YouTube. One of the brightest talents emerging is a young comedic actress, Madison Brunoehler, well worth writing about for her acting ability alone, but the fact that she is skilled in costumes and make-up, and produces, edits and directs her own show every week makes her an absolute juggernaut of talent.

Madison Brunoehler is the creator of “Madi 2 the Max,” a web series featuring the hilarious antics of a slew of characters all played by Madi. There’s the overly cheerful Lucy, the goth chick ZAT, the overly zealous Italian fashionista Ramona, the nerdy Ernestina, the male Brucy, the robot K8 and Mr. Chico, played by Madi’s right hand. It’s amazing to watch these characters interact because you see how truly gifted Madison is as an actress. Her range is incredible, nailing every accent, mannerism and personality while delivering exceptional comedic timing. It’s a marvel to watch a single episode of her show when one thinks about the amount of dedication, passion and creativity that goes into each 2-3 minute video. Where most YouTubers kick their feet up in satisfaction, Madi pushes the limits of what is possible creatively and publishes some of the most original and ambitious programming online; all from the imaginings of one person.

In addition to “Madi 2 the Max” there’s also Madison’s popular “Diary of a Cat” videos which feature the actress with painted cat make-up, laying on a bed and formulating some of the funniest thoughts you’d ever imagine could come from a cat. Her portrayal of a dog is also hilarious. You can tell that Madi really enjoys what she’s making for her fans and when you discover her “Vlog Talk” videos you realize that she’s a fan herself. Her passion for what some would call “geek culture” but what many would just call “entertainment” is great to see. She talks about the books, music and films that mean something to her and why. When you listen to her explain her loves you know you are dealing with someone that truly understands the purpose of art and entertainment and it definitely translates into her own work.

Shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "Mad TV" were made for artists like Madison Brunoehler but in an era where a single YouTuber can harness the power of a few million subscribers, who needs a major television network? "Madi 2 the Max" is on its way to being a huge hit because it has a huge star in the making at the helm of it all. She’s already the winner of the 2013 “Best Web Series Acting Award” from the Filmmakers for a Better World Film Festival. Talent like Madi’s doesn’t come along too often and for it to land in this era with all of its possibilities, the sky is the limit, the stars are more than aligned and a red carpet follows everywhere this girl walks.

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