Live Action Finding Nemo

I have always LOVED the Pixar animated film, "Finding Nemo." I love it so much that I have memorized most of the script. So, I just HAD to create some of my favorite scenes in a live action version - especially the ones featuring Dory, Marlin, Bruce, Nemo, Crush, Anchor & Chum. You can go directly to the video by clicking here or watch it below.

I had such a great time create these characters, that I decided to cosplay Dory. Here is a picture taken at VidCon that Pixar featured on their Instagram page. Last time I looked, it had over 39K likes.

Jack Jack Attack - The Incredibles - Live Action

I've always loved the Pixar animated movie, "The Incredibles." It is, well, incredible. But any real fan of that movie is also a fan of the short "Jack Jack Attack" that was released with the DVD.

I've watched this short so many times that I memorized the script. Well, since I already knew my lines, I decided to make a live action video of the short where I (of course) play all the parts.

Here are two versions of this video. The first is the live action Jack Jack Attack by itself.

The second includes an inset of the original video.

Remembering when I first met Lin-Manuel Miranda

Little did I know when I first met Lin-Manuel Miranda that I was standing next to a future Pulitzer Prize winner. I love this man's work. Can't wait to see Hamilton when it comes to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, I'm working on a fun Hamilton video. Just you wait.

What's it like to be a YouTuber? (SCVTV news feature)

I absolutely LOVE this video about my life as a YouTuber by journalist, Taylor Villanueva, that was aired on SCVTV News.

I think that Ms. Villanueva really captured what it is like to be a YouTube creator. What do you think?

Madi2theMax on KHTS "Friday Matinee"

I had the pleasure of being a guest on KHTS AM 1220 "Friday Matinee" hosted by the very talented George Cummings and T. Katz. I couldn't believe how the time flew by on this interview. I'm looking forward to being invited back so we can talk some more.

Everyone at KHTS was sooo nice. I really enjoyed my time at this station.

Note: There is just audio for the first 3 minutes. The video portion turns on at the 3 minute mark.

You can listen to just the podcast here:

 Correction: I attended Mission College.