Halloween Madness

How do you possibly decide what to wear for Halloween when there are so many of you? Here is a 2-part Halloween costume episode. Hope you get some great candy!

Part 1 

 Part 2

Of course, Brucy has to show off. What do you think? Do you like his costume?

The video that started it all

A years ago, I got this idea to do a parody video of "Call Me Maybe" with some of my characters. After that, the characters just kind of took over my life. It's been a fun ride. Thanks to all my fans for a great year.

Bowling with VGHS

Went bowling at Universal Studios Hollywood with FreddieW and some of the cast and fans of the hit web series Video Game High School. 

I didn't do so well on my bowling score, but I surely had a great time. Lots of people from set and good conversation with Freddie. He's such a down to earth guy. Can't wait for Season 3!

Handsome bro, Jedi, FreddieW and me. A thumbs up for VGHS and bowling!

Visit to Legacy Effects - AWESOME!

I had the privilege of receiving a tour of Legacy Effects by Ken Cornett (master model builder). Legacy Effects are the artists that created the Iron Man suit, the Real Steel robots and this contraption from Avatar. They also built the Giant Robot that Wired took to Comic Con 2013. Yep, the video that went viral. We also got to chat with the man inside the robot - Bruce D. Mitchell - while he was working on a new piece of art. Super talented and very nice guy.What an amazing experience.

Jedi Brunoehler, Ken Cornett and Madison Brunoehler with Avatar Amp Suit at Legacy Effects.