Cats and Dogs - are they the same?

A cat and a dog living in the same home. Do they view the world the same?

Brits versus Yanks

We get to know Martha's back story. Makes me like her even more.

The Hollow Chronicles II - Award Winner

The Hollow Chronicles II, directed by the super-talented Kaleigh Kalaini of Queenadreams Productions won Best in Mixed Media at the Youthfest! Films International Family Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California. I'm so pleased to be part of this project.

Had a great time at the festival. Lots of red carpet pictures.

The Cast of The Hollow Chronicles on the Red Carpet at Youthfest! Films: (left to right) Summer Kalaini, Madison Brunoehler, Keiligh Kalaini, Ron Burch, and Jack Seavor McDonald

And then there was Sucy - Episode 8

Family can be difficult, but when it comes to Lucy's family things tend to get interesting.