How to Look Like a Guy - Make Up Tutorial

Do you want to see how I transform myself into Brucy? Here is a quick and easy tutorial on "How to Look Like a Guy."

Video Game High School Wins Best Ensemble Cast Award at the Streamys

I am so pleased and proud to say that I am part of the amazing ensemble cast of Video Game High School. I love all of these super talented folks.


Sitting on an Epic knee

Oh yes, it's true, I'm a bunny and so are you. Yep, that's me sitting on the lap of Epic Meal Time creator, Harley Morenstein. And yep, Harley is indeed, dressed in a big bunny outfit with a pink dot on his nose. Nope, he didn't offer me a bacon and egg sandwich. :( But, he did admire my bunny ears. (on set: VGHS)

Do you love Epic Meal Time? My bro made a bacon weave for his 21st birthday and Harley tweeted him a Happy B'day Bro. Nice. Harley is REALLY tall and kind of scarey but I think he is a cuddly bear inside. Kisses to you, Harley.

We just won the RocketJump Community Video Contest

I'm so excited to announce that QueenaDreams Productions (Kaleigh Kailani) and Madi2theMax collab "Chasing Shadows" just won the RocketJump CommunityVideo Contest: Magic theme for Episode 1.

Peanut Butter Madness!!!

Six Madi2theMax characters and peanut butter. Just imagine what could happen.

ComicCon in 120 Seconds

Take a quick romp with me through San Diego ComicCon 2014 and check out some of my adventures. Enjoy!

Interviewing Michael "Frosti" Zernow at ComicCon2014

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Michael "Frosti" Zernow (Ubisoft's Chief Parkour Officer) at the Assassin's Creed Experience at ComicCon2014.

Michael's background includes the fact that he was the youngest person to ever be a competitor on CBS's "Surviver" series and the fact that he is one of the longest practicing parkour athletes in the world. His bio does not include the fact that he is also an uber-nice guy who wants to help people get more physically fit.

Micheal is a member of my favorite Freerunning team - Team Tempest!! You can learn lots more about Frosti, his team and the schools where you can train to do all the awesome stuff that they do in Assassin's Creed and in the movies at

What's the difference between Freerunning and Parkour? "Parkour is the practice of moving quickly and efficiently throughout the environment. Freerunning is essentially tis, but with flips and tricks." (from Assassin's Creed Unity forums)

Thanks to the oh-so-awesome Gabe "Jaywalker" Nunez (Taylor Lautner's handsome stunt double) for making this interview happen. YOU ROCK!!

K8 at the Con

A great moment at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

K8 hanging out on an original Star Trek set with some awesome Trekkie cosplayers. Now, if only there had been some place to go... but, I was hanging out at the best place in the world. #SDCC

Ramona interviews FreddieW

One of the highlights of VidCon2014 was Ramona Bluebonnet interviewing FreddieW. They talk of important hair (of course.)

The Red Booth interview (full episode)

In case you missed it, here is the link to my guest appearance on the Red Booth show starring Kimberly Quigley and the Madi2theMax gang. Enjoy!

Interview with Lauren Haroutunian at VidCon2014

Imagine a FREE online film school put together by the amazing talent at RocketJump. If you were Freddie Wong and you needed to name one incredible person to head up this project and make sure that it really happened and that it created community, helped artists achieve their goals and was fun... who would you choose to do that? Lauren Haroutunian, of course.

Check out this interview that the ever fabulous, Ramona Bluebonnet, has with Lauren at VidCon2014.

In the News: Ramona on HLN TV with Jack Vale and Ali Nejad

Ramona goes toe to toe and tush to tush with Jack Vale (prankster) and Ali Nejad ( while hanging out (sitting) on the Poo-Pourri toilets at VidCon2014.

Let's face it, this is not a normal everyday scenario for most people, but Ramona took it in stride. She got some nice hugs afterwards… and of course, she gave them some free advice.
And yes, that is indeed, Bethany Woodruff (the Poo-Pourri girl) in the blue dress.

I shot an episode of The Red Booth Show

I had a great time filming an episode of The Red Booth Show starring Kimberly Quigley. We shot in the famous red booth. Kimberly is a great interviewer. It was fun talking with her. You forget the cameras are even rolling.

Kimberly Quigley (star of The Red Booth Show) and Madison Brunoehler (Madi2theMax)
We talked about Madi2theMax, cosplay and some of my favorite things.

Can't wait to see the finished product. I'll let you know when it is scheduled to air.

Oh yes, the crew was amazing! Big thanks to Ian Feiner of One Push Productions,  Kameron Hines and Shannon Barnes.

Awesome Review of Madi2theMax

"One of the brightest talents emerging is a young comedic actress, Madison Brunoehler, well worth writing about for her acting ability alone, but the fact that she is skilled in costumes and make-up, and produces, edits and directs her own show every week makes her an absolute juggernaut of talent."

Yep! That's what David Carus said about me in this incredible article on

Check out the full article here:

Feel free to share the article with your friends, relatives, pets, random strangers and people that you meet while waiting in line at the grocery store. Oh yes, and let David Carus know that you agree with him by sending him an email:

Madi2theMax Who's Who

My grandpa always said, "you can't tell the players without the souvenir program" so here's a little Who's Who to help you out. Sorry that some of the girls didn't show up for picture day. They will have to be added later.
Madi2theMax Who's Who

The Secret Santa Episodes

Can you imagine Secret Santa played with the characters of Madi2theMax? Here's the two-part episode. Can you guess what the presents will be?