About Madi

I spent my early years in a 150 year old farm house on 27 acres of land in a small town in beautiful Connecticut.  From a very early age it was apparent that I was highly imaginative, dramatic and self-determined. There has always been a huge dress-up box in my life; full of wigs, costumes, hats, and accessories.

An early story (during the short period that I  wasn't homeschooled, but went to a very unique private school in Boston)... I get dressed for school in clothing appropriate for a young lady in a private school. Ten minutes after my mom drops me off in my classroom, she goes back to check on me. Behold! I have changed clothes. I am now wearing a bright pink spandex unitard covered with long black fringe. THIS was apparently the correct outfit for the day.

Because I have been primarily homeschooled, I was able to start taking college classes at the age of 14. My focus during these studies was multimedia. I became fascinated with the video editing program, Final Cut Pro and also the versatile graphics program, Photoshop.

Around the same time, I became interested in face painting and connected with the very talented group of West Coast Face Painters. I discovered that hanging out with face painters, clowns and balloon twisters was fun. This skill allowed me to have my own booth at the local farmer's market, a terrific place to people watch and develop characters. During my down time at the market, I write the scripts for my web series.

Another great love of my life is cosplaying (costume playing). This ties in beautifully with all my other loves. I sew my own costumes, build my own props, style my own wigs and face paint my own face. Cosplayers are a huge part of the entertainment at "conventions." I frequent Anime Expo, Stan Lee's Comikaze and Comic Con. Performing for the thousands of people who ask to take my picture is part of the joy.

I have trained extensively in improvisational acting techniques from a very young age. These skills allows me the freedom to create my characters to the fullest.

I love to answer questions from my fans. Feel free to email me at Madi2theMax at gmail.com and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel - YouTube.com/Madi2theMax to keep up on my videos.