K8 at the Con

A great moment at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

K8 hanging out on an original Star Trek set with some awesome Trekkie cosplayers. Now, if only there had been some place to go... but, I was hanging out at the best place in the world. #SDCC

Ramona interviews FreddieW

One of the highlights of VidCon2014 was Ramona Bluebonnet interviewing FreddieW. They talk of important things...like hair (of course.)

The Red Booth interview (full episode)

In case you missed it, here is the link to my guest appearance on the Red Booth show starring Kimberly Quigley and the Madi2theMax gang. Enjoy!

Interview with Lauren Haroutunian at VidCon2014

Imagine a FREE online film school put together by the amazing talent at RocketJump. If you were Freddie Wong and you needed to name one incredible person to head up this project and make sure that it really happened and that it created community, helped artists achieve their goals and was fun... who would you choose to do that? Lauren Haroutunian, of course.

Check out this interview that the ever fabulous, Ramona Bluebonnet, has with Lauren at VidCon2014.