VGHS Season 2 Cast Party

I had the honor and privilege of attending the Video Game High School Season 2 cast party. This was one of the best parties that I have been to in my life. They served chocolate milk shots!! There was no blinding lights or pounding music. We could actually talk to one another - and we all had a lot to say.

There were games - DDR, Packman, Skeeball, Asteroids, etc. A fabulous red carpet (see picture) and, best of all, the premiere of Episode 1 of VGHS Season 2. So great! So funny. So Freddie. LOVE IT!!

Episode 1 officially premieres on July 25th on See how many times you can spot me.

I love the red carpet.
Kevin Comerford (aka King Extra), Brandon Laatsch (co-founder Freddie W YouTube Channel) and me (Queen Extra).